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Looking forward to 2019

A new set of 365 days for us to have another 365 chance to live a life. (via GIPHY)

Looking Back to 2018

 I have a roller-coaster experience in 2018.  It made me strong both at will and at heart despite the circumstances that happened. I was happy to have overcome it with a smile.

As 2018 ended yesterday, I am thankful for people who never leave my side during the tough times. Without you, I would never have overcome every crisis that I face. Once again, thank you!

Furthermore, 2018 is not all hardship. There are things to be celebrated as well. During my family crisis, I had thankful for the blogging opportunity in Steemit. Some rewards financed the emergency medical expenses.  Also, I gain confidence in blogging.

Moreover, There are things that great about 2018. I had a chance to publish my first book. It is a laboratory instructional manual about Basic Electricity. I had fulfilled one of my bucket lists. I had instructional course notes running yet this is the first time to official apply in publishing. It is all thanks to our college assistant chairperson.

Lastly, I am still going through tough times. I definitely overcome it with God’s grace.

Looking Forward to 2019

A year has ended. A new year is ready to unfold. I hope 2019 would bring more blessings. 

Recently, I publish a website, The Profitable Mind. I aim to educate people to leverage their learning. I hope to achieve 5,000 readers and subscribers by the end of 2019.

Furthermore, I enrolled in a diploma in professional education. So, I am looking forward to graduating this March. I never dream of becoming a teacher. I do hope this journey becomes fruitful. I also foresee to get a license afterward.

Moreover, I want to fulfill my bucket list. I wanted to start traveling. I want to go to new places, and meet new people. Also, I am going to draw and paint again. I want to rediscover the artist within me. I stop make sketches and painting when I was first year in college.

Lastly, 2019 is full of promises. I believe the year of the boar will bring good fortune. I am now ready to start my journey to financial freedom. I am saving money and investing in 2019.

Above all, I want to discover my true potential in 2019. I want to find my purpose. I want to live a life and make memories in 2019.

There are many things to do. Let us start working our ass off.

Believing you,


P.S. Leverage your learning today!

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