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Welcome to The Profitable Mind!

Welcome to The Profitable Mind!

Hi! I’m Jayson. I am an introvert who spends more time at home. I had a hard time going out my comfort zone. When I meet Steemit, last year, I found a chance to leverage my learning. Also, I had a chance to break out from my comfort zone. So, I started blogging.

At first, I have a hard time. I had hesitation. I ask myself: is there any reader? With Steemit, I gain some confidence in writing hence I found there are readers. The community interaction and support was there. I am now ready to take it a step further after spending a year writing.

I decided to build a website. I had this thought for quite some time. It is now or never. I took a risk. I do hope it is worth it.

After a long self-debate, here comes The Profitable Mind.

Let us talk about the dream...

We spent years acquiring the right skills and education to be employable. It is true for most of the people. Is this true to me? Definitely! I spend about 15 years to get that diploma. In addition, a year or two for skills training. Above all these, we needed the education to at least earn a decent living.

Oftentimes, we forgot our childhood dreams. We are trap in the “Rat Race”. We wake up each morning to got to work. This is an unending routine. Then, we end up not living a fruitful life. I believe we can do more than live to earn. There are more to life than earn.

I came from a developing country. Everything needs hard work and courage. Poverty is wide spread. I also came from a conservative culture where money talks not part on the dinner table. My parents value education more than anything. As early as 3 years old, I started going to school (informal). I was always remind to do good in my education so that I could have a decent job. They always say: “Your education is the best treasure they can give”. I understand them. They have traded off a life to make another’s better.

With this, I believe in the opportunities my education can bless me. The learning acquired is as valuable as gold. It is more than the pay of my jobs. It has something more to offer. With the right information, the learning, your education, is worth more than a million.

Our learning can bring forth profits. Above all, it gives us a chance to live up to our dream. So, as I start living my dream, I invited you to come an join me going out the “Rat Race”. 


The Blog (an overview)

In the social media era, everything is possible. There are tremendous opportunities available. What we are needing is a right place to learn about it. With this goal, I am introducing to you, The Profitable Mind.

The Profitable Mind is geared to leverage your learning. I wanted to have a place where everyone shares a piece of their experiences. With collaboration, I can give the best and right information.

Thus, it makes the blog a place where we can:

  • find opportunities to live up our dreams;
  • find out the best in our self;
  • find out we truly passionate to do; and,
  • find a better ways fro personal growth.
To make it a perfect place for collaboration, I will (definitely) invite content creators to write a blog above their respective interests. Furthermore, I want to build a place where the learning becomes earning.

(A Disclaimer) By the way, I am not a financial or inspirational guru. I am just a regular guy giving and finding you the right information to leverage your learning. As I mentioned earlier, let go out from the “Rat Race” together. I believe it would be fun. In the end, we both benefit from this. I live up my dreams. You live up yours.

The blog is a place for everyone. It is inclusive for all audiences–men, women or our friends from LGBT. Everyone is welcome any gender or social status. Everyone has a dream to live.

Finally, never short-changed your life. Leverage your learning today! Live up to your dream!

Come and join me on this journey!


Jayson of The Profitable Mind